About Us

The Rose Company is steeped in horticultural history. Ivan Comley established the company in 1947 with little more than 60ft of hose, a pocketknife, hand hoe and a love for roses. Originally Ivan began growing small crops of roses on vacant housing blocks in the western suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide. As the business developed in size Ivan sought larger blocks of land to cultivate larger crops.

Eventually Ivan decided to relocate his nursery to the Northern areas Adelaide as soil quality was excellent and land was in abundance. This decision proved to be a successful one, as these properties provided the basis to build a business that produced one million plants annually! He pioneered the sale of two year old roses into chain stores a change that allowed better quality plants to be available to customers earlier in the rose season.

Today, The Rose Company is run and owned by Ivan's daughter Roslyn. Through working with her father for many years Roslyn gained an intimate knowledge of the rose industry. Roslyn revolutionised the rose industry as she was able to develop techniques that allowed the company to economically mass produce and market roses without compromising the quality of the plant. This was largely achieved through a change from manual to mechanical packaging which Roslyn pioneered in Australia.

Roslyn's industry experience told her there was a need in the market place for a specialised rose packaging company. She therefore took the business from a growing to a sales and marketing business. This change was only made possible by the companies subcontract growers many of which were personally trained by Ivan himself.

Roslyn’s vision enabled the company to branch out and focus heavily on promotion. She aimed to raise the profile of both her company and the rose as Australia favourite plant.

Some of the company's achievements include:

  • Gaining a license from SOCOG to produce "Australia's Olympic Gold Rose". Proceeds supported our Australian Athletes at the Sydney Olympic Games.
  • Gaining a license for the "Centenary of Federation Rose" to commemorate the centenary of federation 1901 to 2001.
  • Winning the Premiers Food & Fabric Award for horticulture.

The Rose Company team have a passion for growing, packaging and distributing quality roses. We focus on providing our customers with a quality product and experience. Our aim is simple; to keep roses at the forefront of Australia’s gardening landscape.

Best wishes & happy gardening,
The Rose Company Team