Frequently Asked Questions

What is a two-year-old plant?

For nearly 40 years, we have been growing two-year-old plants to enable us to dig our roses in March. When compared, one-year-old plants are not dug until June, as the plant is not yet fully developed. As the customer, this gives you two main advantages. The first of these is that two-year-old roses are better developed when purchased. Secondly, because consumers can purchase their plants earlier in the rose season, this enables newly planted roses to take advantage of early autumn rains. Due to these features, two-year-old plants have the added ability to adapt easily to new growing environments. The end result is a superior quality plant in your garden.

Why are there size variations in plants?

Like humans, variation in size (thickness) will occur within different plants. For example, Mr Lincoln is a far stronger grower than a Bonica and Hybrid Teas are stronger than Floribundas or Old Worlds.

Note: Because one plant is thicker this does not necessarily mean it is a better plant or that it will produce more flowers than a smaller plant.

Why roses from South Australia?

Apart from a region in California, U.S.A. the experts say the climatic conditions and soil qualities on the plains of South Australia are the best growing conditions for roses.

What is in the bag?

Your plant is wrapped in sawdust treated with urea and enclosed in a craft paper that holds the moisture in from the damp saw dust. This keeps the plant alive and growing whilst in the store. This is an advantage for consumers as rose are in good condition when planted. The end benefit is that growth will be vigorous giving the customer colour quicker.

How are your plants wrapped?

Your plants are machine wrapped by means of a hydraulic roller to produce a firm bag. This stabilises the root system and allows the moisture in the bag to become concentrated. The machine has the capabilities of rolling a plant every six seconds. The plants are boxed and shipped daily to reduce the time in store and give you a quality product.