Top 10 Sellers

Over many years in the rose industry The Rose Company has selected ten varieties that have out performed all others in our product range. Each of the ten varieties has different outstanding characteristics that warrant its place in this exclusive range.
Varieties include:



A rose that is head and shoulders above all others. Iceberg has a number of unique characteristics that include:

  • Flowers are white with occasional pink blushes;
  • Dainty bloom that is rain resistant and long lasting;
  • Flowers are semi doubled and well formed;
  • Disease resistant.


Double Delight

Double Delight is one of the world's most popular and best loved roses. The main features of this plant include:

  • An overwhelming perfume when in bloom;
  • Cream buds edged in ruby red that can open to 14cm in diameter!
  • Petals that change to a deep red colour with age.


Gold Bunny

A rose that is renowned for being a good performer in warm climates. Other important characteristics include:

  • It's clear and unfading colour;
  • A pleasant scent;
  • The ability to maintain a good succession of blooms;


Mr Lincoln

A superb rose that richly deserves its famous name. Outstanding features include:

  • Large red, cupped shaped blooms;
  • Flowers that are extremely fragrant;
  • Deep green foliage that is rigorous in its growth.


Just Joey

This rose has worldwide recognition due to:

  • It's amazing size and abundance of blooms;
  • Rich apricot petals;
  • Extremely perfumed flowers with a high centred form.



Bonica has earned a reputation of being the rose to recommend to people who say they "can't grow roses".
Other stand out characteristics for this rose include:

  • Clear pink flowers;
  • Abundant rich green foliage;
  • The potential to form a mounded hedge.


Papa Meilland

Bred by the Meilland family of France, this rose is renowned for the following:

  • It's vigour and wonderful foliage;
  • It's large and heavily scented blooms;
  • It's velvety red colour that is overlayed with a black sheen.


Blue Moon

Considered the most commercially successful of the blue roses. Recognisable traits of this rose include:

  • An exceptional fragrance;
  • Long lasting clear double 'blue' lilac blooms;
  • A strong growth with good resistance to common diseases;
  • Longer stems that are excellent for cutting single flowers.


Queen Elizabeth

A rose name after the Queen Mother herself. This plant is well known for:

  • It's high centred pink blooms with 38 petals;
  • It's large, glossy, dark green foliage;
  • It's resistance to disease;
  • It's hedging capacities to provide large borders.



A truly unique rose, considering the fact that it is one of the only bush roses that can attract the eye when not in flower.
Other attributes include:

  • Blooms that are yellow flushed pink;
  • A pleasant scent;
  • The ability to succeed in a wide range of climates;
  • The ability to be used in beds, borders and hedges.